is Avacoin a scam or Legit? How do you earn?

AVACOIN, a game that closely resembles the popular NOTCOIN project, was just released. It has incentives and conditions that are directly tied to the company’s actual business, which is gold mining.
With a Dubai licence, the project was started in the summer of 2023.
The long-term development of the game is the project team’s priority, with a focus on drawing in players and keeping them interested.
This is the ideal moment to join since they guarantee weekly updates.

AVACOIN: What Is It?
By just clicking on the coin icon in the thrilling Telegram game AVACOIN, users can enter the virtual world of gold mining. However, this is more than just a game—it’s a chance for you to profit legitimately from your virtual gold mining endeavours.

How does Avacoin works?
Let’s examine how this operates. In AVACOIN, mining gold is a rather easy operation.
All you have to do is keep tapping the screen to get to 400,000 gold dust. You will earn one gramme of gold upon reaching this milestone, which you can withdraw to an in-app wallet on the BEP20 network and exchange for 67 USDT (withdrawal confirmed).
Your miner rating increases with the amount of gold you mine, giving you access to greater gifts and incentives.
There is now an opportunity to reach to the top rapidly because ratings will bring presents.
You can play with other people by joining different guilds. Plots in the game can be bought, developed, and used to generate revenue within the application in the future.

What are the guidelines, policies, and chances?
Every 24 hours, the daily energy cap of 7,500 is reinstated.
Like squads in Notcoin, a guild can be established.
Soon, tasks and boosts will be introduced.
You can receive gold dust for your referral-generating efforts.

How can I get additional dust for gold?
Invite friends – You can get a lot of gold dust by asking your friends to play the game.
Leagues: Receive incentives when you help your friends advance in their league.
Earn: To start earning real rewards credited to your account, purchase a gold mining licence for any available sites, pay shipping expenses, and begin mining (coming soon).
Boost: (shortly to come)
Tasks: Finish them to receive rewards (coming soon).

Therefore, AVACOIN is the ideal game for you if you wish to make real money through virtual gold mining.

Sign up today to get started on your path to riches!

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