The Blum Revolution

Blum is a revolutionary crypto trading mini-app that’s currently in its point farming phase.

During this exciting phase, users have the unique opportunity to collect Blum Points, which will later be convertible into tokens.

A key feature of this stage is the limited number of referral invites available, initially set at 10.

However, users can earn additional invites by actively participating in various events and contests such as the Ambassador event, adding an extra layer of engagement and exclusivity.

The recent update has introduced even more ways to earn points, including daily check-ins and a thrilling drop game where special tickets can be used to earn more points.

This means that users can accumulate points and increase ranks while being part of a vibrant community that’s shaping the future of crypto trading.

By joining Blum, users can be at the forefront of creating a unique trading platform that offers unparalleled convenience, accessibility, and innovation, all within the familiar and trusted Telegram ecosystem.

You do not want to miss out on this groundbreaking opportunity to be a part of something big!”

How to play the Blum Drop game 👾

It’s simple, you’ll need to catch as many falling items as you can within a time limit.

Each item you catch turns into Blum Points for your balance! Just keep tapping to catch as many as you can before the period lapses.

Each game attempt costs 1 Game Pass. Game Passes are your tickets to play. Don’t worry about how to get game passes to play. You’ll get them as your daily rewards.

Blum Daily Rewards 🌸

Log in to Blum every day to earn extra Blum Points and Game Passes! 🎉

Here’s the deal:

Day 1: 10 BPs + 1 Game Pass

Day 2: 20 BPs + 2 Game Passes

Day 3: 30 BPs + 3 Game Passes

Day 4: 40 BPs + 4 Game Passes

Day 5: 50 BPs + 5 Game Passes

Day 6: 60 BPs + 6 Game Passes

Day 7: 70 BPs + 7 Game Passes

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Now you’ll never want to skip a day on Blum!

Ensure to keep the streak alive 💎 After day 7, the rewards stay the same.

Bombs 💣 and Freezes🥶

The Blum Drop game has been taken to the next level! 🚀 Bombs and freezes have been added to the mix which makes it even more thrilling! 🤯

When you tap on a bomb, you’ll lose random rewards Points (BPs) inside the game! 💣

And, if you get a freeze, all objects will be locked in place for 3 seconds – it’s your chance to catch them all! 🥶 yummy right!

Slide into the bot and start playing now! 🤑 And, as an added bonus, your Telegram avatar will auto-upload, making it even easier to show off your gaming skills! 🔥”

What’s in store for us?

The future is an exclusive perk, Trading right through Telegram. the mini-app is said to be tailor-made for mobile users, spiced up with game mechanics. Collect points, then turn them into tokens 📱🎮

Picked by Binance Labs 🔶 in their 7th MVB accelerator season. Out of 700 projects, Blum is one of the lucky 13!

They reported to be the 4th largest Telegram channel in the world! and that’s huge here

Long story short, an all crypto in one app soon… Ensure to farm your way to the top.

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