Hamster Kombat Airdrop!

How to unlock Millions of Free Coins in the hamster kombat telegram Game Before the Airdrop!

Hamster Kombat has indeed taken the Telegram gaming community by storm, with over 100 million players eagerly playing and competing to earn a share of the upcoming airdrop.

The game’s unique blend of clicker gameplay, hamster-themed humor, and crypto-exchange CEO roleplay has resonated with players worldwide. This lighthearted and entertaining approach has made it a standout in the Telegram gaming space.

With the airdrop approaching and excitement everywhere, Players are actively engaging, sharing tips and strategies, and forming communities to maximize their earnings. It’s a fun and engaging experience that combines gaming and cryptocurrency in a unique way.

As a hamster CEO, You want to supercharge your in-game coin earnings and potentially have a robust airdrop?Here are some tips to help you add million points daily and maximize your win at the end of the day:

Use the Mine button

Take your Hamster Kombat game to the next level! While tapping the screen is fun, it’s not enough to maximize your progress. To unlock passive income and supercharge your gameplay, tap the ‘Mine’ button and invest in upgrades for your exchange.

This strategic move will greatly increase your earnings and transform your hamster’s fortunes!”Remember it’s officially said that it’s the profit per hour that matters. Don’t just stack coins , use the mine icon and increase your profit per hour.

You’ll need to earn even while you sleep. To do this, Invest in your exchange’s growth by increasing your profit per hour; upgrading markets, PR and team, legal and most especially, don’t forget the special cards!

This strategic spending will generate passive income, letting you rake in coins even when you’re not actively playing. It’s the Hamster Kombat way of your money working for you.

Don’t miss the daily reward

Claim your daily reward under the ‘Earn’ tab and boost your hamster’s fortune.

The daily reward starts at 500 coins on day one, but consistent claiming will lead to a significant increase to 5 million coins by day 10!

Don’t miss a day as this will take you back to day 1. Every little bit counts, and it’s all free!”

Claim the daily combo reward

Boost your airdrop earnings with the daily combo!

Hamster Kombat offers a daily opportunity to earn a whopping 5 million free coins.

Here’s how: the game selects three specific cards for the daily combo. Simply buy or upgrade these three items before the next cycle, and you’ll reap the rewards. It’s a quick and easy way to earn more!

Complete tasks

“Maximize your earnings by completing tasks under the Earn tab!

In addition to the daily combo, you can earn bounties of coins by:-

Watching Hamster Kombat videos on YouTube, joining the game’s Telegram announcement channel, Following the game’s Twitter (X) account and many more.

While the tasks may seem small, they can add really fast, If you’re looking to maximize your earnings, these tasks are a quick and easy way to get ahead!

Use the Cipher Codes

Unlock an extra 1 million coins daily by cracking the daily cipher!

Unlike other tasks, this one doesn’t require spending your coins Simply decode the daily Morse code, you can easily find the daily code on social media or telegram groups

Tap the “Earn per tap” box three times to enter input mode- Enter the correct Morse code sequence using taps and long presses

Once you’ve mastered the process, you’ll be earning 1 million coins as easy as daily.

Join the profit Empire official channel here to get daily combo and cipher codes here


Check in every 3 hours

While the game generates coins even when you’re offline, there’s a limit to how long this will last. Your exchange only works for 3 hours straight.

Make sure to check in regularly to claim your accumulated earnings and begin another round.By doing so, you’ll ensure that your coin unit continues to grow.

It only takes a few seconds to check in, and then you can get back to your day. Regular check-ins are key

to maximizing your passive income!

Get Referrals

Invite your friends and you’ll gain access to exclusive cards, daily combos and other earning opportunities.

Send your referral link to friends and families, talk about it on your social media handle.

Remember there are so many benefits attached to this. Besides, you help your friends to win alongside yourself. Keep playing the hamster kombat game as we hope to win soon.

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