Athene Network Review: Is it a scam or is it legitimate to mine ATH Coin?

One of the first cryptocurrency projects in the field of AI data mining is Athene Network (ATH). It includes a special app that makes use of data’s enormous potential to propel data mining and AI innovation.

The Athene Network App allows users to mine the project’s unique token, ATH. You will discover all the instructions for using the Athene Mining App to mine free Athene coins in this blog post.

The definition of Athene Network

Athene Network is a cutting-edge platform for data aggregation driven by blockchain technology and a worldwide community. It seeks to use the power of people all throughout the world to build an extensive and dynamic multilingual social media data network.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes the gathered data for two main objectives.

Machine Learning Dataset: Athene Network’s data collection serves as a useful dataset for machine learning model training. It offers a varied and current information source that makes it possible to construct reliable and accurate Al systems in a variety of disciplines.

High-Speed Social Listening: The infrastructure of Athene Network creates a statistical search engine that operates quickly, giving customers access to real-time social media analytics. Businesses and individuals can rapidly obtain particular information, track trends, and monitor brand sentiment thanks to this social listening capacity.

What is an ATH, or Athene token?

The Athene Network’s governance token is called the Athene Token. Users are expected to mine GEMS tokens, which will subsequently be swapped or converted to ATH tokens by the end of every month, in order to obtain the Athene token.

Mainnet of Athene Network

The Athene network is scheduled to go live in April–May of 2024, or Q2 of 2024.

How to Mine Athene Network Token and Register

All that is required to begin mining gems on the Athene Network App in advance of the Mainnet is to download it, sign up, finish the face verification process, apply a referral code, and then begin mining. You can begin mining as soon as you have applied for a phone number and referral code and successfully verified your KYC. Every day, mine as many gems as you can on the Athene App to get ready for the Mainnet. (The KYC might not workout immediately sometimes, due to traffic)

NB: In the space for referral code, you put this code: ( a4b4936228 ) with no brackets.

How to earn more Athene Tokens

There are two effective ways to increase or earn more ATH Tokens, these are:

1. Referring Friends :- You can invite your friends to Mine Athene Token with you, for each friends you invite, your Mining speed increases.

2. Athene Booster: Bronze Boosting and Silver Boosting

in boosting package, the user upgrades his/her account to premium with $3 and/or $30, depending on the package tge user wants to embark on, the higher the packge you upgrade to, the higher the benefit.

Benefits of Bronze package

• Increase mining speed (Booster) to 300% On the Athene app.

• No need for KYC: Enjoy converting coins Between accounts without hassle.

• For every user you refer when purchasing The Premium package, you will receive an

• Attractive referral commission.

• Deposit ATH into Athene Gaming and Athene Prediction: Immerse yourself in the Gaming world like never before.

In summary

The Strong cryptocurrency project: Athene Network offers free gem mining, which turns gems into ATH tokens every month that may be exchanged after mainnet launch. You should treat every cryptocurrency mining project seriously in order to make money in the near There are numerous people busy the ATH currently at chapter rate, advisable, don’t sell it. Keep it till after mainnet launch. Don’t Sleep on this, you snooze, you lose.

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