A bull run is defined as a period in which the majority of investor demand exceeds supply, market confidence reaches a peak, and prices rise. If you see prices rising rapidly in a particular market, it could be a sign that the majority of investors are becoming “bullish” and are optimistic that the price will continue to rise, and could mean that you are back to square one of a bull market. .

The Bitcoin halving appears to be driving the next bull market in 2024. , Investing in the best altcoins can be worthwhile as they offer diversification and potentially higher returns. However, it is important to approach the altcoin landscape with caution and conduct thorough research.Understanding the development team, technology, community, and altcoin use cases are crucial factors in making informed decisions.

Additionally, it is important to stay abreast of market trends and regulatory changes to navigate the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape. By evaluating these key factors, investors can make strategic decisions when considering altcoin investments. Let’s look at some altcoins to consider buying for the next bull market in 2024.

Which Altcoins to Buy in the Next Crypto Bull Market

Ethereum (ETH)

Market Cap: $459.16 billion , Ethereum is one of the largest altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. Of the nearly $2.49 trillion that represents the total market capitalization of the more than 20,000 cryptoassets, more than 17% is held in ETH. It is a distributed computer network where users can run dApps and host smart contracts using the blockchain.

Ethereum critics point out high transaction fees.However, ETH is here to stay with thousands of applications and other altcoins built on its blockchain. ,

Solana (SOL)

Market Cap: $58.39 Billion , Solana has gained popularity among cryptocurrency investors thanks to its ultra-fast transaction speeds and low fees. It is a blockchain platform that is heavily focused on addressing the speed and scalability challenges faced by many existing blockchains.

Solana is up by almost 16.60% in the last seven days. On March 4, 2024, it rose about 7% in 24 hours, outperforming BNB coin and securing a higher spot among the top 5 cryptocurrencies.

The rise of , SOL took the digital asset to its highest level in two years, reaching levels last seen in April 2022, three months after the peak of the bull cycle in 2021. However, he fell slightly and ended up in fifth place. , and BNB regained dominance shortly after, on March 4th.

Cosmos (ATOM-USD)

Market Cap: $4.85 Billion Cosmos (ATOM-USD) is responsible for resolving some slow transactions and costly issues. Tendermint (software) created an interconnected network of blockchains. ATOM, a native Cosmos token, is a decentralized network that provides developers with open-source tools to create their own interoperable blockchains. Cosmos is working to become the “Internet for Blockchain.”The Cosmos ecosystem allows blockchains to voluntarily share tokens and data across all blockchains in the system. One of its main tasks is to secure the Cosmos Hub and regulate the network of ATOM tokens obtained via the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.A recent report on the Cosmos blog focuses on the volume stability of inter-blockchain communication (IBC) and tight connections that provide high token diversity and therefore greater liquidity. The cross-chain ecosystem is an area where blockchains function as interconnected blocks communicating via the IBC protocol, where developers can run their sparse chains as different blocks with different functionality.

Kaspa (KAS-USD)

Market Cap: $3.48 billionTheKaspa cryptocurrency was launched in 2021 with the implementation of the GHOSTDAG protocol and runs on blockDAG for fast confirmation and high block rates. The Kaspa community imagines it as a cryptocurrency that develops the blockchain trilemma that stabilizes security, speed and scalability. This project will undergo transformative changes in 2023, including switching to state-of-the-art ASIC miners.Kaspa also planned an IPO and introduced ideas such as the Kaspium Mobile Wallet and Wrapped Kaspa. It has very ambitious plans for the future, including advanced smart contract features, the Rusy Kaspa public testnet 11, and more than ten blocks per second.

Stellar (XLM-USD)

Market Cap: $3.92 billionStellar (XL, -USD) is a decentralized public blockchain that gives developers the tools to create experiences that are more cash-like than cryptocurrency. Given its responsibilities as a peer-to-peer connection to the global financial system, this could be a great altcoin to add to your investment portfolio in this bull market.The main goal of Stellar is to make money flow easy and fast. The network is cheaper, faster and more energy efficient than most blockchain-based systems.Lumens act as transaction facilitators and ensure the correct functioning of the system. His strength is security.

Since XLM holders own the keys, the network is more secure for transactions.Stellar recently launched amazing features like Soroban and distributed Lumen to positive projects through its crowdfunding. In addition, thanks to the humanitarian part of the project, Stellar Aid Assist has already managed to help those in need and send them more than 2 million dollars.Factors Driving Altcoin GrowthMarket Demand: Altcoins are initially determined by market demand. Investors are more willing to invest in altcoins that have higher growth potential. Factors influencing market demand for altcoins include consumer sentiment, market trends, and investor confidence.

Regulatory Policy: Regulatory policy that can play a very important role in the development and growth of altcoins. Regulators or governments may impose restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies, which will definitely affect demand.

Technology: The technology behind an altcoin is also a factor in its growth and development.

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