The Hamster wait is over, Pre Sale arrives at KuCoin

What is Hamster Kombat?

“Hamster Kombat” is by all accounts a particular venture or token inside the cryptographic money space. Normally, such ventures are new cryptographic forms of money or tokens that are being sent off, frequently with interesting highlights or utility inside their environment.


An airdrop alludes to the appropriation of free tokens to the wallets of existing cryptographic money holders. It’s a special strategy utilized by new tasks to acquire consideration and circulate tokens generally. Members typically need to meet specific rules (like holding a particular digital money or enrolling for the airdrop) to get these tokens.


A pre-sale is a phase in the send off of another digital money where tokens are offered to early financial backers at a limited cost before the authority public deal. This permits the undertaking to raise introductory assets and fabricate a local area of allies.

How the Airdrop Works

Criteria: Participants in the airdrop might need to hold a specific cryptocurrency (often the native token of the project or a partner token) in their wallet at a specified snapshot date.

Distribution: Tokens are usually distributed directly into participants’ wallets based on the snapshot criteria. Sometimes, participants may need to claim the airdrop by following instructions provided by the project team.

Trading on the Pre-sale on KuCoin

As Hamster Kombat is conducting us a pre-sale on KuCoin, here are some typical steps involved:

Exchanging during a presale on KuCoin includes a couple of key stages to guarantee you can partake really. This is an aide en route to exchange during a presale on KuCoin:

Register and Confirm Your Record: Guarantee you have a checked KuCoin account. This commonly includes enlisting with your email, setting up two-factor confirmation (2FA), and finishing any KYC (Know Your Client) prerequisites if fundamental.

Deposit Funds: Deposit funds into your KuCoin account. Typically, pre-sales accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or the exchange’s native token (KCS for KuCoin).

Store Assets: Store cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or USDT (Tie) into your KuCoin account. These are normally acknowledged monetary standards for taking part in presales.

Screen Presale Declarations: Watch out for KuCoin’s declarations or the venture’s true channels for presale subtleties. This incorporates the presale start time, token cost, and a particular prerequisites for cooperation.

Explore to the Presale Page: Once the presale begins, explore to the presale page on KuCoin. This can typically be tracked down under the ‘Spot’ tab on the KuCoin site or application.

Submit Your Request: On the presale page, select the symbolic you wish to buy and enter the sum you need to purchase. Guarantee you have an adequate number of assets in your record to cover the buy.

Affirm and Execute: Twofold actually look at all subtleties prior to affirming your buy. When affirmed, the exchange will be executed, and the tokens will be designated to your KuCoin account.

Post-Buy The board: Subsequent to buying, you can deal with your tokens inside your KuCoin account. You might decide to hold them, exchange them on the trade, or pull out them to an outside wallet whenever wanted.

Remain Informed: Keep yourself refreshed with the undertaking’s turns of events and any post-presale exchanging open doors that might emerge on KuCoin’s foundation.

Keep in mind, exchanging during presales can be serious, so it’s crucial for act quickly and circumspectly. Continuously confirm the validness of the presale project and be aware of potential dangers related with beginning phase interests in cryptographic forms of money.

Participate in the Pre-sale:

Announcement: Keep an eye on KuCoin’s announcements or the Hamster Kombat project’s official channels for details on the pre-sale, including start time, token price, and participation rules or Join our Community

Purchase: Once the pre-sale starts, you can use your deposited funds to purchase the pre-sale tokens. This might involve following a specific process on KuCoin’s platform, such as navigating to the pre-sale section or directly trading through the exchange.

Post-sale Trading: After the pre-sale, tokens are usually distributed to participants. You can then trade these tokens on KuCoin’s exchange platform, depending on market demand and availability.


The information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Cryptocurrency trading involves significant risk, and you should always conduct your own research and consider your risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

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