Ranking: Top 10 Tap-2-Earn Projects on Telegram

Tap-2-earn projects on Telegram have become a popular way to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency. These projects often involve simple games or tasks that users can complete to earn tokens. While the earnings may not be life-changing, they can be a good way to learn about crypto and potentially earn some rewards.

In cryptocurrency, coins and tokens are both digital assets, but they have different functions and operate in different ways:

Coins function primarily as a medium of exchange and operate on their own independent blockchain. For example, Bitcoin is a coin because it can be stored and retains its value over time.

Tokens operate on an existing blockchain network and can have a wider range of functions within a project’s ecosystem. Tokens can represent an interest in an asset, facilitate transactions, or serve as a bridge between fiat and virtual currencies.

For example, Ethereum’s platform-specific token, Ether (ETH), can be used to pay validators, as a payment method, or as an investment. Tether is another example of a token that acts as a bridge between fiat and virtual currencies, with each Tether token backed by a US dollar.

Here are the Top 10 ranking Tap-to-Earn projects on Telegram to consider, with their direct links attached:

  1. Hamster Kombat: This popular game allows you to earn HAMSTER coins by tapping on digital hamsters. You can also complete missions and tasks to boost your earnings.


2. Blum: This project combines tap-to-earn with social media elements. You can earn tokens by tapping, as well as by following Blum on social media and completing other tasks.


3.TapSwap: This project allows you to manage a virtual crypto exchange by tapping on digital tokens. You can earn rewards for your activity and for completing tasks.


4. Pixelverse: This project is a new entrant in the tap-to-earn space, but it has quickly gained a following. Players can earn Pixel tokens by tapping and completing tasks.


5. MemeFi: This project allows you to earn MemeFi tokens by tapping and completing social media tasks.


6. Dotcoin: It’s a simple yet engaging game where users earn points by tapping on the screen. The more you tap, the more your balance grows, although your energy level decreases with each tap.


7. Avacoin: This project allows you to earn Avacoin tokens by tapping and completing tasks.


8. W-Coin: This project is another popular tap-to-earn option that allows you to earn W-Coin tokens.


9. PEPE Miner Bot: This project allows you to earn PEPE coins by tapping and completing tasks.


10. Vertus App Telegram Bot: This project allows you to earn VERT tokens by tapping and completing tasks.


It’s important to remember that tap-to-earn projects are often volatile and the value of the tokens you earn can fluctuate.”

Before you start using any tap-to-earn project, it’s important to do your research and understand the risks involved.

Remember you must download Telegram first by simply tapping or use the link provided below.

Best of luck!


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