Hamster Kombat Pre-sale is Live… What you need to know.

Hamster Kombat token has been announced. The token Is now listed in Kucoin and Gate Exchange for Pre-Market.
While there’s no official sale for the Hamster Kombat Token (HMSTR) just yet, it gets listed for pre-sale on the two popular exchanges: Kucoin and Gate.
HMSTR Price Today: $0.2597 per 3000 tokens
HMSTR Price Yesterday: $0.167 per 500 tokens
First, we need to understand what Pre sales means
What is Pre-Market?
Ever heard of buying new tokens before they hit the big leagues? Accoring to Kucoin, Pre-Market is a special trading venue that lets you do just that. It operates like a private marketplace, where buyers and sellers can negotiate prices directly for these unreleased tokens. This way, you can lock in your desired price and ensure there are enough buyers or sellers (liquidity) when the official launch happens.
Hamster Kombat is taking the crypto game world by storm, surpassing 150 million users on Telegram. This game isn’t just another flash in the pan; it’s a full-blown sensation. With real crypto rewards, a massive social media following, and incredible growth in just a week, Hamster Kombat is the game everyone is talking about.
Understanding Presales in Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know

This article is to clarify people that are unsure about what the presale in hamster Kombat is for. In the world of cryptocurrency, presales have become a popular way for projects to raise funds and generate interest before their official launch. But what exactly is a presale, and how does it work? In this article, we’ll delve into the world of cryptocurrency presales, exploring what they are, how they work, and what you need to know to participate.

What is a Presale?
A presale is a private sale of tokens or coins to a select group of investors before they are listed on public exchanges. This occurs before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initial Token Offering (ITO). Presales are often used to raise funds, build a community, and generate interest before the public launch.

How Presales Work:
During a presale, a project team allocates a specific amount of tokens or coins to a select group of investors at a discounted price. This price is often lower than the expected public sale price. The presale is usually conducted before the project is listed on public exchanges, and the tokens or coins are often subject to a lock-up period or vesting schedule.

Mining and Presales:
Mining tokens or coins for free does not directly affect your ability to withdraw or use your mined tokens when they are listed. However, there might be specific conditions or restrictions imposed by the project or platform, such as lock-up periods or vesting schedules.

So, does it mean that if you mine some tokens or coins for free and you don’t participate in the presale, you would not be eligible to withdraw when the token or coin is eventually listed?
Answer: Not necessarily. Mining tokens or coins for free and not participating in the presale doesn’t directly affect your ability to withdraw or use your mined tokens when they are listed. However, there might be specific conditions or restrictions imposed by the project or platform, such as lock-up periods or vesting schedules, that apply to your mined tokens.

Is the presale price of the token usually higher than the normal listing price?
Answer: No, the presale price is usually lower than the normal listing price. Presale prices are often set lower to incentivize early investors to support the project and help generate buzz and momentum leading up to the public launch.

Steps by steps on how to participate
Step 1: Setting Up Your KuCoin Account
New to KuCoin? Head over to https://www.kucoin.com/ and create a free account. Remember to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) verification to unlock full functionalities.
Already a KuCoin User? Excellent! Make sure your account is funded with the cryptocurrency you plan to use for the presale. KuCoin currently doesn’t support direct fiat deposits for the presale.

Step 2: Understanding the KuCoin Pre-Market
Hamster Kombat utilizes KuCoin’s pre-market trading platform. This means you’ll be essentially placing buy orders that will be matched with sell orders from other users once the token officially launches.
Here’s a breakdown of the pre-market process:
Pre-Market Schedule: Keep an eye on KuCoin’s announcements page for the official pre-market trading schedule for $HMSTR. This will include the start and end time for placing orders.
Placing Buy Orders: During the pre-market window, you’ll be able to place buy orders for $HMSTR tokens. You’ll specify the quantity of tokens you want and the price you’re willing to pay.
Matching Orders: Once the token officially launches on KuCoin, your buy order will be matched with a sell order at your specified price or a better price (if available).
Delivery and Fees: Upon a successful match, you’ll receive your $HMSTR tokens, and the presale funds will be deducted from your KuCoin account. There are no trading fees associated with pre-market trading.
Step 3: Presale Period

Mark Your Calendar: Don’t miss the pre-market trading window! Refer to KuCoin’s announcements for the specific dates and times.
Prepare Your Funds: Ensure you have enough funds in your KuCoin account to cover the desired amount of $HMSTR tokens and any potential price fluctuations.
Visit the Pre-Market Page: When the pre-market opens, navigate to the $HMSTR pre-market page on KuCoin.
Place Your Buy Order: Carefully consider the price you’re willing to pay for $HMSTR tokens. Remember, a lower price might not guarantee a successful

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