Hamster Kombat(THE CEO): The Revolutionary Play-to-Earn Crypto Game 🎯:PRE-SALES AT THE RATE OF 0.33 PER HAMSTER 🐹

Hamster Kombat, a play-to-earn game on the TON blockchain, has gained massive popularity amid its announcement of an airdrop. This weekend, it reached 150 million active users, which would make it one of the biggest crypto games out there!

The game is also the fastest YouTube channel to get over 20 million subscribers in just one month.

Fairly enough, the game, even if it’s just a simple tap-to-earn, can be highly addictive, but it can’t explain the incredible adoption that it got in just a few weeks.

The excitement probably skyrocketed after the airdrop announcement. The Team clarified that the airdrop will be based on how many “hamster coins” you earn every hour rather than the number of coins you hold.

How To Get More Points:

Players can boost their earnings by upgrading features inside the mining section. Users can also unlock large amounts of hamster coins by finding the secret morse code through the secret morse code section that opens by tapping 3 times on “Earn per tap” in the top left corner.

It’s also possible to earn 5 million hamster coins by finding the daily combo.

In conclusion, players’ best tactic to get the incoming airdrop will be to level up their hamster (the CEO) and his “business” by completing daily tasks and thus making more money per hour.

Hamster Kombat Tokenomics: Understanding the Game’s Economic Model:

Hamster Kombat tokenomics, including the game’s native token, its utility, and the economic model that drives the game’s ecosystem. It covers token distribution, staking, and the various use cases for the token within the game.

This Game (Hamster kombat) delves into the rich lore and captivating storyline of Hamster Kombat, exploring the game’s universe, characters, and the intricate narratives that drive the gameplay. It provides insights into the creative process behind the lore’s development and the role it plays in immersing players in the game’s world.

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