Hamster Kombat: Presale is Live, Listing incoming

Hamster Kombat: Presale is Live, Listing incoming

Hamster Kombat is a social clicking sensation, like Notcoin on steroids. There are some extra things to make it more enjoyable, like becoming a CEO of a tier 1 exchange of your choice, watching your hamster evolve, and buying upgrades to increase your “income,” but all in all, the game requires you to tap your screen for hours on end to build up coins.
presale Listing:

According to report, Hamster Kombat Token (HMSTR) has been added for pre-sale by two popular exchanges: Kucoin and Gate.io

Hamster Kombat Token (HMSTR) Price Today 15 June
While there’s no official sale for the Hamster Kombat Token (HMSTR) just yet, it gets listed for pre-sale on the two popular exchanges: Kucoin and Gate.

HMSTR Price Today: $0.2597 per 3000 tokens
HMSTR Price Yesterday: $0.167 per 500 tokens.
In the nearest future, Hamster Kombat will list on exchanges and these coins will be able to be swapped for actual cryptocurrency

What is Pre-Market?
Ever heard of buying new tokens before they hit the big leagues? Accoring to Kucoin, Pre-Market is a special trading venue that lets you do just that. It operates like a private marketplace, where buyers and sellers can negotiate prices directly for these unreleased tokens.

This way, you can lock in your desired price and ensure there are enough buyers or sellers (liquidity) when the official launch happens.

The Rise of Hamster Kombat
In the wild world of cryptocurrency games, Hamster Kombat has emerged as a breakout star. Launched on March 25, 2024 on The Open Network (TON), this play-to-earn clicker game has taken the crypto community by storm.

Hamster Kombat which was launch on the 25th March, 2024 within just 11 days, it amassed 1 million players, and the numbers have only skyrocketed since. As of June 14th, Hamster Kombat boasts a mind-blowing 148 million users, with more than 40 million daily active players! That means way over 1% of the entire world’s population has played this game. Hamster Kombat is also officially the largest ever Telegram group with 31 million followers. The stats are impressive and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

It’s already established itself as a serious competitor for another popular clicker game on The Open Network – Notcoin.

The game’s viral success can be attributed to its highly engaging mechanics and the power of word-of-mouth.

click here to join the project before it too late.

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